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Below you will find answers to some common questions. The highlighted words have links to more indepth descriptions. If you have any other questions please call us at 1-800-367-9833, or e-mail us at Info@SpanAlaskaSales.com.

  How to place an order

  1. Determine your delivery area Parcel Post, Southeast, Continental U.S., outside U.S. (call 1-800-367-9833 for availability and quote).
  2. Enter either the Parcel Post or Southeast Store on the Getting Started page.
  3. Once you have entered Parcel Post or Southeast, a Table of Contents will give you a general overview of the products available.
  4. You can also type the Name, Brand or SKU number of a product in the upper right hand corner "Search For Product" box then click "GO" to find specific items.
  5. Once you find an item you wish to order, just click on the "Add to Cart" next to the item, it will be added to your shopping cart. You can then enter additional quantities, click "recalculate" to make sure the new quantities have been added.
  6. To not view the shopping cart everytime you add an item, UNCHECK the box at the top of the shopping cart that says "Show me my shopping cart every time I order something."
  7. If you are done ordering and have unchecked the "Show me my shopping cart every time I order something." Click on the "View Cart" button in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  8. Your order is not final until you complete the shipping and billing information.
  9. If you wish to send a check instead, add all your items to the shopping cart, then PRINT the page and include with your check. Areas other than Parcel Post and refrigerated items need to have freight charges added.
  10. We will call or e-mail if we have any questions and to confirm the total of your order.

  How do I choose which store to enter?

        Which store you enter depends soley on your location or the location of your delivery. The Parcel Post division services rural Alaska through Parcel Post mail; bypass mail, airfreight, truck and rail. The Southeast Alaska and Aleutian Chain are serviced via water transportation. Freight costs are not included. The Continental U.S. is serviced via UPS.

  Term Definitions

        Most of the information in the store is pretty self explanatory, though size and quantity can be consfusing, listed below are some definitions to help you better understand the bulk quantities.

  • Pack - Identifies the number of packages in the case
  • Size - Identifies the size of each package contained in the case
  • SKU - This is the Span Alaska Code number for a product
  • WT - This is the weight of each case and is used primarily for our accounting
  • Price - Is per case

  Quest Cards & Food Stamps

        Span Alaska is authorized to process food stamp payments using the Alaska Quest Card. With your Alaska Quest Card you will no longer have to mail in your food stamp orders. You will now be able to order via online, phone or fax.
        Quest Cards and Food Stamps are not accepted for non-food items such as paper towels, diapers, detergent, cigarettes, etc.


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