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        For the last 40 years Span Alaska Sales has specialized in supplying groceries to rural Alaska residents, schools, camps and businesses. We ship groceries utilizing virtually every method of transportation available including parcel post, bypass mail, airfreight, truck, rail, barge, steamship and UPS. Alaska bush pilots in small single engine planes provide delivery into remote rural Alaska village locations, where Native Alaskan's proudly transport Span Alaska food orders in sleds and trailers pulled by snow machine in the winter and 4 wheel ATV's in the summer to the local village residents.

        These methods allow us to ship your quality groceries in a timely manner, to any remote location in Alaska. We believe in old-fashioned customer service. We feel every customer should be completely satisfied with each and every order they place. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed! This philosophy not only ensures quality service, but also instills pride in a job well done throughout our company.

        Span Alaska Sales is proud to have the largest distribution network in Alaska, serving rural Alaskans with mail order groceries and house hold necessities. Delivering from Southeast Alaska west to Adak at the tip of the Aleutian chain and north to Barrow, which is virtually the farthest north town in North America.

        Span Alaska Sales reputation is strong. We are proud to be the biggest, oldest, and most dependable supplier for rural Alaska residents. Span Alaska is a household name in rural Alaska, a name rural Alaskan's have grown to trust and depend on for over 30 years. Timely delivery of quality food into remote rural Alaska locations is essential to the quality of life for residents living in those environments. Span Alaska Sales provides a service to the rural village communities, Quality product and service at a competitive price. Our customers often find they save as much as 40% or more by shopping with Span Alaska, allowing them to buy more necessities for their families with their food budget.

        We specialize in shipping to rural Alaska, however we have customers spread across the continental U.S. We have even shipped to customers as far away as the Russian Far East.

        Span Alaska is divided into two different customer service divisions. The first division, Parcel Post, is made up of the rural Interior State of Alaska. The second division is the Southeast Aleutian chain and Continental U.S. We have developed two different forms of ordering and catalog information, to facilitate sales and customer service in each division.

        The Parcel Post division services rural Alaska through Parcel Post mail; bypass mail, airfreight, truck and rail. The pricing listed for Parcel Post orders include delivery from Anchorage on all non-refrigerated products. There are additional airfreight charges for frozen groceries from Anchorage into your location.

        The Southeast Alaska and Aleutian Chain are serviced via water transportation. Freight costs are not included. The Continental U.S. is serviced via UPS.

        Our staff has many years' experience in assisting Rural Alaskan's with their food orders. Please feel free to give us a call any time with your questions. If you have a favorite brand or flavor you don't see in our selection of over 4,000 items, give us a call. With over 50,000 items available we can usually satisfy everyone's needs! We even offer custom cut and packaged meat orders at no extra charge.

        You may call our office M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time for current freight rates to your location, or with questions regarding ordering.


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